Identity Theft Update

So here’s one way to spend your downtime while practicing social distancing.

After getting yet another spam solicitation for articles from the Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities –this time, promising a TWO DAY turnaround from submission to publication– I decided to check in with them, and see if they were still misusing my name and photo on their Editorial Board page.

They had done a little redesigning of their website:  upgraded the graphics, removed the prominent info about the cost of publication.   But yes, my face was still there.  There were also some new faces, one of whom was being represented as another member of my department, which he is not. (A quick google search located him as a scholar in another field, in a French university.)

I thought I’d try my university counsel again. If they weren’t worried about the reputations of individual faculty, maybe there would be some concern about the university’s name proliferating on this website. Indeed, the university counsel decided to do something about it, and within 90 minutes of their writing a cease-and-desist letter, I got this message:

Dear Susan Hegeman:

I am extremely sorry for the region. Dr.Susan Hegeman name Affiliation,
University name has been removed form website.

Best of Luck

My name is now indeed off the website.  To the several people who contacted me to ask about the legitimacy of this journal, I was happy to help you steer clear of them. And, to the “editor” of the Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities: best of luck to you, too.